Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Handsome 8 Year Old

This is Abbott

Isn't he handsome? Even with the goofy 2nd grader teeth? I love this boy so much. He was baptized a few weeks ago. It was such a fun day. We had lots of family in town and lots of friends that attended the baptism. It was really special. Abbott's favorite part was when mom squirted cheese whiz in her hair while giving the talk on baptism. Sounds crazy, I know. If you need entertainment at your next baptism, just invite me to give a talk!

Grandma gave him this cool towel.

Aiden, Abbott and cousin Ryan. I love this picture.

Later that day...we celebrated the big 8th birthday with a party at the Great Skate. There were lots of kids from his class and from church. Even his best bud Henry from his old school was there.

Adeline had more fun than anybody. That girl isn't scared of anything!


Abbott went home with a bunch of presents and over $100 in cash and gift cards. He was the happiest kid on the planet. He used most of the money to buy a little video camera. He wants to make youtube videos. He's pretty funny...I'll post them if I decide to actually let him post them to youtube.

8 things I love abbott Abbott:

1. His sense of humor. This boy is so much fun. Sometimes it gets him in trouble (like when his teacher is trying to teach) but you just can't help but smile! He definitely keeps our family laughing.
2. He is very giving. When he got all those gift cards for his birthday, he gave one to Aiden so they could shop together. He is always great to share.
3. His big blue eyes and beautiful long lashes. When Abbott was a baby, he was always mistaken for a girl...even if he was wearing a blue shirt with trucks on it. Seriously, those beautiful eyes were to pretty to belong to a boy! Over the years, he has certainly learned to use those eyes to get what he wants from his mama!
4. His motivation. This boy has drive. He can do anything when he puts his mind to it...and I just love that! He is willing to work hard (most of the time), and I love to see him accomplish tasks.
5. He is such a good brother. Especially to Adeline. He really dotes on that girl and would give her anything. Maybe that's why she's spoiled rotten? And Aiden is his best friend. He really loves his siblings and I hope they stay this close forever.
6. I love thatI can joke around with him. I guess this goes back to his sense of humor. Some members of our family are a little...ahem...sensitive. So sensitive that you can't mess with them at all. I can play around with my Abs, and I love it.
7. He gives great hugs. You know those totally unsolicited, just-because-I-love-you-mom hugs? Yeah, he's great at those.
8. He's a lot like me :) Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse. But like it or not, the kid's a lot like me.