Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twilight Trivia Answers

I have been such a slacker...I never posted the answers to the Twilight Trivia from my twilight party and I have had many requests for them. Here you go!

Twilight Trivia


1. What day is Bella’s human Birthday?

September 13th

2. Name the Cullens in order of induction into the family.

Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper and Alice at the same time.

3. What food did Edward eat to show Bella what happens when he eats food?


4. When and where was Edward born (as a human)?
a. 1918, New York
b. 1901, New York
c. 1918, Chicago
d. 1901, Chicago X

5. What happens to vampires in the sun?

They sparkle

6. Name one of Bella’s teachers at Forks high.

Coach Clapp- gym
Mr. Mason- English
Jefferson- Government
Mr. Varner- Trig
Mr. Banner- Biology
*Mr. Molina not one of her teachers!

7. Where does Bella’s mom move to at the end of the book?

Jacksonville, FL (because Phil is signed by the Suns)

8. Where does James lure Bella?

A ballet studio

new moon

9. What color were Edward’s eyes before he became a vampire?

Green- the same color as his mother’s

10. Who is not one of the 3 Volturi?
a. Caius
b. Aro
c. Demetri X
d. Marcus

11. Name one of the 3 things Bella got for her birthday from the Cullens.

(Question should have been three from the Cullens…it’s more than three if you count Carlie and Renee)
Radio for her truck
Plane tickets
CD from Edward of him playing the piano

12. What is Edward’s FULL name?

Edward Anthony Mason (Cullen)

13. Who finds Bella in the forest after Edward leaves?

Sam Uley

14. What type of music does Bella put on in Jessica’s car on the way to Port Angeles?


15. What is Sam’s FiancĂ©e’s name?


16. What kind of car does Alice “borrow” in Italy?

Yellow Porche 911 Turbo


17. What book is Bella re-reading?

Wuthering Heights

18. What foreign country does Bella call herself?


19. How many people has Rosalie killed?

7: The 5 men who attacked her and 2 guards (She saved Royce for last!)

20. Where is Jasper from?

Houston, TX

21. Who was Rosalie set to marry (as a human)?
a. Bryant Knight
b. Royce King X
c. Garrett Prince
d. Bryant Duke

22. What two charms does Bella have on her bracelet?

Wooden wolf and diamond heart

23. What does Jacob call himself in the tent?

A space heater

24. What city does Charlie want Bella to stay away from?


breaking dawn

25. What does the cover of Breaking Dawn represent?
a. A chess game Edward and Alice playing
b. It does not represent anything; Stephenie had no choice in the matter
c. Bella starting out as the weakest, but ending up the strongest X
d. Edward protecting weak Bella

26. What is the name of Edward and Bella’s daughter?

Renesmee Carlie (nickname Nessie)
Renesmee for Renee and Esme, and Carlie for Carlisle and Charlie

27. Who ratted out the Cullens about their daughter?

Irina (Tanya’s sister)

28. Who does Bella hire as her bodyguard so Edward won’t force her to get an abortion?


29. What makes Bella so mad that she almost kills Jacob as soon as she is a newborn vampire?

Jacob has imprinted on her daughter

30. What is Bella's power as a vampire?

She is a “shield”. Her own mind is protected even as a human, but as a vampire she is able to push her shield out and protect other people.

31. Why does Alice leave?
To go find another half-vampire

32. What is the title of the final chapter? (Do not open the book!)

The Happily Ever After


33. What is the population of Forks?


34. What color is Bella’s comforter set?


35. In Biology class, what is the prize for the first team to correctly identify the stages of mitosis?

The Golden Onion

36. Who was the first “out” in the baseball game?


37. What does Bella order the 1st time she goes into the diner?

Garden Burger

38. What is the Forks high prom theme?

Monte Carlo/James Bond

39. What food does Edward compare his diet to?


40. What is your favorite scene from the movie?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surgery Went Well

I haven't been much of a blogger lately, but I wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that we are home and Aiden is doing great!

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Aiden had surgery at the Arkansas Children's hospital in Little Rock on Wednesday.

A few months ago he had a large cyst develop under his tongue. His ENT drained 22 cc of fluid out of it...that thing was huge! That gave him temporary relief, but in order to keep it from coming back, he had to have the haywire salivary gland removed.

Usually a regular ENT can do a ranula removal, but Aiden's was in a really weird place so his ENT sent us to Childrens. The CT showed that the cyst was "midline" (apparently very unusual) and they thought that both sublingual salivary glands would have to be removed.

The surgery took half as long as expected, and it turned out that they only needed to take one gland! He checked all the others and they look fine. Yippee! Everyone was very surprised and happy.

It was such a struggle to decide to do the surgery. He could have gone years without the cyst coming back. Three ENT's and an oral surgen all agreed that we should do it. But what really made me feel good about it was the calm reassurance I got in answer to my prayers.

Aiden has been such a trooper and I am certainly happy to have it over with! Thank you all for your prayers and offers of help.