Wednesday, September 9, 2009

80's Party II

If you read my last post, you know that I threw myself a big 80's themed birthday party. What I didn't mention was how sad my kiddos were when they found out they weren't invited!

They have been watching me plan this party for months. Buying goodies and party favors and prizes that they thought looked like a lot of fun.

The look on their faces when I told them they weren't going to the party broke my heart! So I promised them that they could eat all of the leftover junk food and we would have our own 80's party.

So we strung some neon tulle around the house and Abbott pulled out toys that he thought seemed 80's (that boy is all about parties and decorating...I think he's going to take after his mama!)

Aaron and I pulled out our outfits and put them on the kids. Adeline is wearing my shirt as a floor length dress. She has on my belt and heels and she's wearing my green earrings as bracelets! Anna loved my lacy black skirt and leg warmers.

Abbott was really excited to wear the rocker hair and tattoo arm! That boy is crazy! He danced like a maniac and beat his dad in the air guitar showdown.

Aiden is a little more reserved than his brother, but he looked great in the leather jacket.

We played a game with all of the 80's pictures that I had printed off to hang on the walls. They tried to guess who or what the picture was of. They got a Mr. T. Some of their guesses were hilarious. For Madonna they guessed Taylor Swift, for the New Kids on the Block they guessed The Jonas Brothers, and for an Atari they guessed "the original wii"...we had to give them that one!

We had so much fun playing and dancing to some great 80's music and I gave them leftover slap bracelets and sunglasses. They have asked to have another 80's party every single day since. I think I made up for not inviting them to the party.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Enough to be a Senator...Partying Like a Rockstar!

Did you know that you have to be 30 to be a United States senator? It's true, and as of August 28th...I qualify! (Don't worry, I'm not planning a senate run, although beating Blanche Lincoln would be better than winning the lottery.)

So far I think 30 is pretty good. On the eve of my birthday my friends vandalized my house with beautiful decorations.

The morning of my birthday Aaron set my alarm to wake me up to "My Next 30 Years" by Tim McGraw and Bethany called and played "Happy Birthday" by NKOTB into the receiver. Another friend watched my girls so I could go to lunch with Aaron. And when I went to wash "honk I'm 30" off of my van, the guy running the carwash gave me my very own sucker. How's that for feeling special!

I had a wonderful birthday, but there wasn't too much time for relaxing!

I decided that for the big 3-0, all I wanted was a big party. I threw myself a huge 80's bash! So Friday and Saturday were spent preparing, but it was so worth it!

I reused the decorations that my pranksters made for me...thanks!

Everything was done in neon pink and neon green. The tables had bright tule with bright roses, surrounded by a variety of items from the 80's. Luckily my sister is a collector, so she supplied a lot of old (well, not THAT old) toys.

On the walls I had a bunch of old movie posters and pictures of people, events, and things from the 80's. Food was done by chik fil a...not 80's, but yummy! We also had cheese balls and cool ranch Doritos, which felt 80's to me! And there were plenty of Reese's Pieces and Pop Rocks on hand to satisfy a sweet tooth!

We started out the night with a "name that 80's TV theme song" and I was pretty impressed. Many of them were guessed after only a few notes. I think Dane got the cartoons after one note. I had a lot of fun going through all of the shows from the 80's.

I was like 10 in 1989, so the closest I ever got to Madonna was the tape that I played in my brown Fisher Price cassette player. I crimped my hair and tight rolled my jeans and used way too much hairspray on my way too big bangs. But I never got to wear gobs of makeup and piles of jewelry and fishnets and lace and miniskirts and heels.

Until now...

I got to be an 80's rock star and my wonderful husband (yes, that's Aaron in those purple snakeskin pants) was right there with me! Doesn't he look like he stepped right our of a hair band?

Here he is without the jacket...gotta love the tatoo arm! I kept asking everybody "is my hair going flat?" And they would look at me and just laugh. Dana thought I was wearing a wig from a distance. It didn't even begin to go flat! I have the perfect 80's hair. It is super thick and naturally wavy frizzy. I keep hoping that the big hair will come back with all of the other 80's fashion. I do big hair well!

We had so much fun putting our costumes together! I insisted that everybody come dressed in full 80's style and my friends did not disapoint!

My mom and sisters

Bethany and Matt

Sharon and the "Save Ferris" shirt!

Amy O., Amy B., Stefani, Me and Nicole

Pedro and Melissa

Cori and Shelly

Lindsey and Brett

We danced and danced and danced! Everybody had a great time breaking it down to some old favorites. 80's music is the best!

Of course we slowed it down for a little "You're the Inspiration".

Lindsey taught us the thriller dance

Aaron was a great MC...

The Air Guitar Showdown was the most hilarious thing I have ever witnessed. Dane and Jeff were the awesome winners! With air guitar skills like that it was impossible to pick one winner.

Dane's skills are highlighted in this video

I had a trivia game and a Rubick's cube game that we didn't get to. I planned a bunch of games in case my friends were wallflowers, but I need not to have worried! Everyone (well maybe not EVERYone, but most) really knew how to bust a move!

The winners of the costume competition were Jessica B. and Ard H. who were dressed at completely opposite ends of the 80's spectrum!

The whole crew

The gals

They picked me up...they actually picked me up!

The dudes

I will add a picture of the cake when I get one from my was the best cake I've ever had!!!

Thank you everyone who attended! It was so much fun and the perfect way to celebrate my new decade! Even better...the hotel took care of the clean up!

I would love any additional pictures if you have any.