Monday, March 22, 2010

New Moon Party

With the release of the New Moon DVD, I just HAD to throw a New Moon party for all of my Twilight-loving friends. It was so much fun!

My sister Lindsey and I spent all day decorating, and I think it turned out pretty fantastic! I really wanted it to look completely different than my Twilight party last year. I succeeded, thanks to the addition of Lindsey's collection!

This is the front door. We had snow in the forecast, so I had to use something that I didn't mind getting ruined. These pictures from a calendar worked great (Borders had their calendars marked down to $4!) And, by the way, we ended up getting around 8 inches of snow!

I had the dining room decorated like Bella's birthday party.

Here is my favorite part of the party...Bella's cake!

What do you think? Bella's cake in the movie is covered in green strips of fondant. Well, I think fondant is totally gross. I guess if you are making a cake for vampires that don't eat...fondant is great! I, however, wanted to EAT my cake! So this is what I came up with. It is regular white frosting, and the stripes are green ribbon. Lots of different sizes and shades of green ribbon.

Here is the cake from the movie
I like mine better.

Unfortunately, it ended up uneaten just like Bella's cake! We had sooooo many yummy treats to eat that we didn't even cut the cake. It was just a pretty centerpiece.

Here are the rest of the "birthday" decorations.

Even Edward was here!
Bella's birthday dress. I wasn't going to go as far as to actually WEAR the it made a good decoration.
We had lots of New Moon pictures and lights and candles.

Jacob and Edward hanging out.

Here are my friends working on their "New Moon Trivia" and "Quotes Quiz". It was pretty tough...and they did great!

This is the "prize table". In case you don't already know, I sell Twilight merchandise on ebay and Amazon, so I have tons of Twilight crap! We had board games, calendars, jewelry, tee shirts, bookmarks, magnets, tote bags, and a lunch box that Alissa was excited to win! All displayed on Bella's comforter. Everybody left with a prize. Winners got first pick!

All of the gals brought a New Moon themed snack. If you are looking for is the post from my Twilight party last year with lots of treat ideas.

The winner of the treat contest went to Amy B. for "Edward meets the Volturi". Think pasty white and hairy! Poor Edward...he's just no competition for Jacob with his shirt off! This was a truly original idea. Thanks for the laugh Amy!

Second place went to Diane for "Blood Clots". I'm really not sure what the popcorn was coated with, but it was sure yummy!

Third place went to my Twilight obsessed sister Lindsey for "Twilight Obsession Cupcakes". Each cupcake had something from the movie...I didn't know she was such an artist!

The other treats were fabulous as well! Thanks ladies!

There are cans of soda in the brown paper sacks ..."Drinks from Jacob's Garage".

The party was a blast and watching the movie with friends is so much fun. Hilarious commentary!

Lindsey bought the movie at Target because they had the deleted scenes, and I bought the movie at Walmart because they had the Eclipse we got to watch it all!

I am very loyal to Walmart (since my hubby works there) but I have to say that their version of the movie was not the best value. In case you haven't purchased your copy's the rundown:

Borders- $27 (with coupon) and comes with a cool necklace worth about $20.
Target- $20 and had the deleted scenes AND came with a collectible film cell
Toys R Us- $20 and came with a free keepsake box for storing DVD's
Walmart- $16 version- cheapest of everyone, comes with nothing.
Walmart- $25 ultimate fan edition (this is the one I bought...hey, I'm an ultimate fan, right?) came with a brief Eclipse sneak peak. That's it! For 25 bucks! Like I said, I love Walmart, but I felt a little ripped off. I wish I had bought one of the other versions and in a few days the "Eclipse sneak peak" would have been on youtube.

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated New Moon with me!