Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adeline's Tom & Jerry Party

Adeline loves Tom and Jerry. It it the only thing she watches (and an occasional Barbie movie). She has totally moved on from Dora.

She has been very excited about her very own birthday party, and of course she wanted it to be "Tom and Jerry" themed. To my surprise, I found the cutest Tom and Jerry plates, cups, napkins, stickers, etc. Lucky me! I also found a cute little Tom and Jerry shirt for her on ebay.

She knew this party was HERS and she thoroughly enjoyed it!

Knowing that my crowd was going to be two and three year olds, I kept the games simple. We played "pin the tail on Jerry" and a cat/mouse version of "hot potato". Adeline's favorite was freeze dance...that girl is quite the dancer!

We colored.

I bought a little remote controlled cat toy (cats, toddlers...) to have them chase the mouse around and try to catch it. I was really excited about this and it worked great when I tried it out the night before. Unfortunately, it didn't work as well at the party but the kids still had fun with it! Got to love little ones...it doesn't take much to impress them!

She was so excited to open her presents and she tried to hold all of them at the same time. The big hit was a beauty salon set from Kade.

Here she is being pampered. I think Abbott could have a promising career as a nail guy!

It was a cute little party and she thought she was the queen of the world!

However, that night she went to bed saying "I didn't get a pillow pet." She has been asking for a pillow pet for months and we have been telling her to wait for her birthday. She certainly remembered!

I did have the pillow pet tucked away, but since daddy missed the party, I figured we would open it on her actual birthday the next day.

We started with three pink candles in a Krispy Kreme donut.

And then came...so excited...the pillow pet!

She loved it (and she's still carrying around her new purse and salon set).

I love this little girl. In honor of her third birthday...the 3 things I love most about Adeline are:

1. She's so snuggly. This girl wants to be held all day (which I sometimes have to remember is a good thing). She loves me and she would be perfectly happy to lay in my arms all day long. She gives the best hugs and she never lets anybody out of the house without a kiss AND a hug...so don't even try!
2. She hears a drum in her head that nobody else hears. And she doesn't march to that beat...she DANCES! This girl can really bust a move...and she frequently does! When it's her turn to choose the Family Home evening Activity...we all dance! I can already tell that she isn't going to be worried about what other people think. I love it!
3. She's the most adorable little girl on the planet. OK, I'm a bit biased, but really- she's cute. She is tiny for her age and I think that is part of what has always drawn people to her. Seriously, wherever she goes, people love her. She's a little spoiled...but we'll deal with that later :)

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Rachel Benefield said...

I can not believe she is 3 already!!! I still remember when you were pregnant with her!! Wow!! Time flies!!

Lacey said...

She is one adorable little girl. What a cute party idea, but I wouldn't expect anything less from "The Party Planner".

Chelsie said...

I think it's funny that Tom and Jerry is one of jacksons fav shows too. I think it's the older siblings maybe? We all love it:)