Friday, September 26, 2008


This is (was) our caterpillar Wurmple.

The kids LOVED him. He ate, and ate, and ate...and became a big fat caterpillar. Then he did this:

It was so amazing to see this transformation! But not nearly as amazing as THIS transformation:

He came out in the evening, so we decided to keep him overnight. We made him a bigger "house" and wanted to get him some food. A quick check on Google told us that he liked flowers, fruit, and animal dung.

We were fresh out of animal dung, so we picked some flowers and found some mandarin oranges. Here is is new home:

The next morning we set him free. The kids were so excited! Now every time we see a butterfly, they say "maybe it's Butterfree?" (His name was changed when he "evolved"...just like a pokemon).


jaci said...

you are such fun parents! i am sure your kids will always remember this!

Hooper Family said...

I was excited to see your pictures because your butterfly was a female! Everyone else's so far has been a male. The way you can tell is the male has more yellow on it's wings, and the female has more blue. Very cool!