Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is a tradition?

I love traditions...ESPECIALLY Christmas traditions.

We have to listen to Harry Connick, jr. belt out Christmas carols as we decorate our tree.

We have to act out the Nativity (with costumes) the week before Christmas (for Family Home Evening). We have to make gingerbread houses two weeks before Christmas (for FHE).

We have traditions for wrapping presents, decorating, baking, and the list goes on. We have a new tradition that we started last year with a blanket that each member of the family takes turns sleeping with.

Some traditions evolve on their own, and some get started on purpose (like the blanket). But what really defines a tradition?

I was having a conversation with Aaron about a certain gift that we were going to give. (I'm going to be vague on purpose here.) Aaron suggested that we do EXACTLY what we did last year. B-O-R-I-N-G!

We couldn't possibly do exactly what we did last year...unless...we do it EVERY year. Then it would be a TRADITION!

I wish I could post a picture of his face as he tried to sort it out.

Aaron: "Sooo...if we do it two years in a's horribly boring. If we do it every's a great tradition?"

Aubrey: Yep!

Try to picture that look that says my-wife-is-seriously-crazy-or-from-a-different-planet. Poor guy...I think after 10 years of marriage he thought he was starting to figure me out!

Well, here is a little video of our tree decorating...we did it two weeks ago...I haven't been a very diligent poster lately!


Rachel Benefield said...

Your video is so cute! And love your new christmas background!!

Karl Schempp said...

Love the dancing, Aaron. Your family looks great. We received you Christmas card today, thanks. Feel free to check out my blog, but Shari's does a better job with the family part of blogging. Mine is different. Good to hear from you guys.

Coolcam said...

Cute! Your blog always makes me smile :)