Thursday, August 20, 2009

Etch-a-Sketch Brain

As we have been gearing up for school to start, I made my boys do a few math sheets. (At the beginning of summer I swore they would practice math every day...somehow that didn't happen?) Aiden did pretty well, but I discovered that Abbott has forgotten quite a bit!

On Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City in Branson to have a little fun before going back to school. Here is the whole crew (plus cousin Lexi) with the rocks they just panned for.

I am NOT a roller coaster gal. Usually, I stay with the girls while Aaron rides crazy things that spin and go way too fast with the boys. This time they talked mom into riding. It was fun, but I felt like my brain was shaking around in my head. I was a little concerned about my kids' brains, so I asked them if they felt like their brains shake on the rides.

Abbott said "Yeah! Maybe that's what happened to all of my math facts! They all got shaken out of my brain!"

Apparently Abbott's brain works like an etch-a-sketch...when you shake it up, everything disappears! I'm thinking no more roller coasters.

So it's a really good thing that they went back to school yesterday. They were both really excited. We switched elementary schools this year so they were a little nervous too, but mostly excited.


I thought the girls would be sad to see them go...but I actually think they're happy to have the house to themselves again! We watched Dora the Explorer for the first time in months!

We walked in the school and decided to go to Abbott's class first...and Aiden tried to dart up the stairs! Can you believe it?!?! Go to class on the first day of school without mom? No way. So we drug him to Abbott's class.

Abbott knows a couple of kids in his class and he was excited to break open that brand new box of crayons.

Then we walked upstairs to Aiden's class. There were no parents in the room and the kids were already busily working (at 7:50...sheesh...overachievers). I decided not to go in the room and embarrass him. I promised him that if he let me take his picture outside the class, I would leave the camera at home next year when he starts middle school. The picture is blurry because I was trying to snap it fast!
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When they got home they both had lots of fun stories to tell. We had such a great summer, but I think everybody is happy to be back to school.


David and Cori said...

Cute pics Aubrey. I think Megan is glad to have the kids gone too. Sh loves having mom all to herself. I'm glad the boys are enjoying the new school. We've loved it!

The Orgill Family said...

What handsome boys!! I love Abbotts Etch-a-Sketch brain...i think that's what I have too!!
love ya!

Leslie said...

SUch beautiful kids Aubrey. Sure do miss y'all. Glad that the first day was a success!