Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anna's Turn!

We sent the boys off last week, and now it is Anna's turn to go to preschool. She is going to the same preschool that she went to last year and she LOVES it! She only goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but she would go everyday if she could. I'm glad I have one more year with this beautiful, headstrong, sassy, loving little girl.


Of course, Adeline wanted to go as well. She insisted on wearing a backpack, which she didn't take off all day. We had to pry it off of her at bed time.

I love this picture because Adeline is looking adoringly at her big sister. She was so sad when she figured out she couldn't stay at preschool. It broke my heart!

In other news...

BOTH of my girls got their first haircut today! Anna is 4, and since she had the most gorgeous ringlets, I never cut her hair. We have been talking about getting it cut for a while, and everytime she reminds me that it's not a cut, it's a TRIM. This princess likes her long hair!
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She got 3 inches off, but you can't really tell!

Adeline enjoyed the airplane chair.

The lady made three snips, and said that she couldn't do a bob because she is too young to sit still. That was quite a waste of $11.00 (plus tip). She made three snips and Adeline's hair looks exactly the same! I was pretty disappointed, but she's so stinkin' cute, it's ok!


Leiann said...

I'm planning on getting Emma's hair cut. And I'm not going to just do a trim. We've done that a couple of times. I'm hoping it will look cute and style easy. I don't want it too short though. And no bangs. I have decisions to make!!

Hooper Family said...

Anna looks adorable! I can't believe how long her hair was.

Leslie said...

Beautiful girls. Did you notice the picture on the wall behind Anna? An enchanting blond...kinda creepy too? Anyhoo... Happy first day AnnA!