Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu and the world's worst week

I know I'm supposed to call it H1N1, but "Swine flu" just rolls off the tongue!

We have actually been Swine Flu free for nine days...kinda sounds like an AA meeting.

Our week went like this...

7:00 am Aiden wakes up with a headache and sore throat. No fever, so mom sent him to school.
3:30 pm He gets off the bus looking like death and clocking in at 102.7...why he didn't go see the nurse is beyond me.
That night I have a headache and my throat is't be.

7:30 am Aiden stays home from school and Abbott is totally jealous. He has no symptoms, so an entire day of Mario Kart is out of the question.
8:15 am I admit to myself that I feel horrible. I take my own temperature. At 99.9 it's not overly impressive, but it's enough to make me want to crawl back in bed. (FYI, no I did not get to crawl back in bed...I had three kids to take care of)
11:00 am I take Aiden to the doctor, hopeful that my swine flu gut feeling was wrong. Nope. Rest, fluids and decongestants.
1:00 pm I get a call from the school nurse to come pick up Abbott. Hmmm...could he have pulled off the whole thermometer-to-the-lightbulb-thing? I get to the school and he doesn't look great, but he is grinning from ear to ear.
The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. I know that my foggy brain was in charge of medicating 3 people. I know that I didn't go to my meeting or take Aiden to scouts that night.
I also know that my microwave wasn't working. Seriously. I am so sick that I am barely upright. I have two sick kids and two little kids. They all expect me to feed them. And my microwave picks now to stop working?
We yanked off the door out of spite. Not really...I just wanted Aaron to prove he could get the old door off before I bought a new one.
10:00 am- Aaron heads off to work. He let me sleep in, but he has a huge thing Friday to prepare for and can't stay home. Luckily, I knew ahead of time about the huge thing so I wasn't too upset with him.
We are all pretty sick still so we don't do much. My foggy brain is still in charge of keeping 5 people alive and medicating 3 of us. Isn't there some rule against mom getting sick?
On the up side, we borrowed a microwave from some friends...thanks Binghams! Of course our door was not in stock and it will be a couple of weeks before we get it.
I learn that my dear husband is still planning to go to the Razorback game on Saturday and leave his swine flu infected wife home to take care of the kids. I'm not thrilled.
7:00 pm- A huge storm blows through.
7:15 am Aaron goes to work to do his huge thing.
Aiden and I start to do a little better. Abbott is completely recovered and having a blast playing wii all day. He lucked out with a mild case.
3:00 pm Aaron gets through his huge thing and Karma strikes. Headache- check, sore throat- check, fever- check. Razorback game? No check. I told him that he got sick because he was going to abandon his sick family.
5:30 pm Our neighbor Flynn knocks on the door and asks us if we need help with our trampoline. Huh?
That is our trampoline. That is Flynn's yard.
It had been there since the storm the night before and we had no idea.
Really? We have the swine flu and our trampoline picks now to blow away? Must be in cahoots with the microwave.
We sat at home.
We sat at home and watched a lot of football.
We all felt better and had been fever free for 24 hours, but we sat at home to be on the safe side. This was actually a really fun day together.
Everybody went back to their normal lives. One week exactly.
The miracle is that these two little angels never got it.

End of pity party post.


Greg and Amy said...

Oh, you deserve a pity party post. Glad you guys made it out ok!

Coolcam said...

We had the same thing! It is horrible! Abby's fever got up to 105, YIKES! Everyone else only made it to 102 ;). Crazy stuff, at least now we've had it! Does that mean we're immune? I hope so!

Leslie said...

what a pile of trials!! Sorry aubrey. looks like you made it to the other side with a positive outlook!! glad you have all recovered. for-real the word verification that I am supposed to type in is fluaci. You just survived "flu-aci"!