Friday, August 27, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For!

You know those creepy stories where someone is granted a wish, and it goes all wrong?  Like "I wish I was rich" and the spouse dies and leaves them lots of money.  Or "I wish so-in-so was alive again" and they come back as a corpse.

In fact, it seems like every story out there about wish-fulfillment, everything goes completely wrong and the person has to work to take back their wish.  I just saw a Hannah Montana rerun where this happened to Miley.  Come on...don't act like you don't watch shows on the Disney Channel.

Anyway...I think the Birthday Fairy granted me a couple of wishes.  Only she has a really twisted sense of humor.  My birthday is tomorrow.  Last year was the big 3-0 and I had a big party and it was a huge deal.  31 is a pretty low key year and I haven't thought a whole lot about my birthday.

*Except* I told Aaron..."All I really want for my birthday is to be able to lay in bed all day and read Mockingjay, but there's no way that's going to happen"

Enter mean fictional Birthday Fairy.

Yesterday morning my kids were at the bus stop and they were cold.  It really wasn't that cold, but whatever, I walked across the street to bring them jackets.  As I headed home (with Adeline in my arms- as always) I stepped off the curb (it was a really big menacing, monster curb) and heard a pop (two pops actually) as my ankle twisted.  I went down hard, and I wasn't able to "right" myself because I was more concerned with keeping Adeline off the asphalt.

It really, really hurt!  It was so painful, I thought it had to be broken.  But x-rays confirmed that it was just a sprain.

So yesterday, I spent all day laying in bed, reading the Mockingjay! (with my foot propped up and iced) And I finished it.  But now I'm hobbling around, my house is a mess, and I have missed several things that I needed/wanted to do.  And it will be a month before I can start jogging again!

Not exactly what I had in mind!

Wish #2

My other "wish" has been to lose the *ahem* couple of pounds that the cruise forced upon me :)

What do you know...I woke up this morning with a fever, sore throat, headache, swollen lymph nodes...and no appetite.  (And Abbott woke up with the exact same symptoms.)

Anna had strep last week and I was pretty certain that Abbott and I had the same thing.  So I made a trip to the pediatrician (hobbling and miserable...but I was happy I was able to drive).  Strep throat for Abbott- check.

Then I took myself to the doctor.  Yes, the SAME doctor I saw yesterday for my ankle.  I haven't seen him in a year, and now I'm like some crazy hypochondriac in there two days in a row.

Strep throat for me- check.

So I figure this is the twisted Birthday Fairy's way of helping me shed a few pounds.  It's the feel-so-crappy-you-can't-eat method.

So for my birthday I got a sprained ankle and strep throat.  Seriously.  I should have just asked for the Kavu bag.

Anyone want to come to my pity party?


Dana said...

Oh Aubrey! I'm so sorry! Happy Birthday by the way I hope that your weekend gets better. Do you have cructhes? I just returned some to Shannon Hufford if you do!
Man where is your home teacher when you need him?!
Really let us know if you need anything.

Chelsie said...

Aubrey that is just PLAIN AWFUL. I really hope your day is redeemed!

Brigette Little said...

So sorry you're feeling so bad! I've done the ankle thing a few times - twice while carrying my kids. I saved Joseph from hitting the ground, but Garrett went flying once. Luckily he was in his infant car seat and was just fine. (Those things really work!) Good luck with the healing process. Take it really easy the first 4 weeks. It really makes a difference in how well you heal.

What the Ek? said...

Oh Man! That stinks Aubrey! I hope you are feeling better very soon! Maybe you could pretend that next Saturday is your birthday and have a do-over :) You certainly deserve it :)

Audrey Taylor said...

Oh man I feel so bad for you, but since it has been 5 weeks since you wrote this, you are probably thinner and can walk around with little or no pain!! I had to check your blog out because I was on facebook at Alissa Wisers page (my husbands sister) and I saw you in her friend column. Since your name is spelled so closely to mine and you look like a pretty happy and confident person, I decided to read a post. I was right! Very interesting :) Hope you feel better!