Monday, August 23, 2010

The First (and Third) Day of School

The first day of school did not go as planned for the Patterson family.  Thursday was supposed to be Anna's first day of Kindergarten!  Unfortunately, Wednesday night she started running a fever and going to school was not an option.  Such a bummer!  I really felt horrible for her, but she was only concerned about her clothes.  She was laying on the couch and she asked me (quite pitifully) "mom, will I still get to wear my new favorite outfit?"  I was happy to reassure her that I wouldn't be returning her new school clothes just because she didn't wear them on the 1st day.

So we sent the boys off to school on the 1st day without their little sister.

The big 5th grader.  Aiden started middle school this year.  He doesn't have his backpack because everybody in his class left their backpacks at school (full of supplies) at the open house.  I really had to bite my tongue when his teacher said to leave it.  I think I would have embarrassed him just a little if I had said "but he has to bring it home so I can get a picture with his backpack on the first day of school".  I had already agreed not to bring my camera into the school...and now no backpack :(  He doesn't seem overly concerned.

Abbott was happy to show off his new backpack.  He's in third grade this year, and I don't think the third grade will know what hit it!  Abbott agreed to let me take a picture outside his classroom (but not inside).  Sadly, he ended up completely off the hook because I had to stay home with Anna and dad did the 1st day walk in.

Aaron called to tell me that when he told Abbott good-bye, he only said one thing: "Tell mom I love her".  I think he was worried about me.  He's such a sweetie.

I am sure going to miss these boys all day!

Abbott said "hey mom, get a picture of me smelling the flowers".  He's so strange.  I just had to throw that in.

Later that day I took her to the doctor because she was complaining about her ears hurting.  She didn't have an ear infection, but she did have strep throat!  Yuck!

So she didn't go to school the 2nd day either.

And she was really, really, sick all weekend (even after days of antibiotics).

But on the the third day...the kindergarten princess went to school!

I really wanted a picture of all three of them...but Aiden's bus came before I finished Anna's hair.  Dang it! 

My beautiful little kindergartner on her first day of school.  Even if it was everybody else's third day.

In front of Central Park Elementary.  Adeline was so sad to see them go.  All day she kept asking: "are we going to pick up Anna now?"  She is really going to miss her big sis (and the brothers, but mostly the sis).
In front of her new classroom.  I'm sure I looked like the crazy mom still taking pictures on the third day of school!  Oh well!
Anna at her table...ready to color her Gator.  She was much more nervous than she was originally.  I think she felt like everybody else already knew each other and knew everything, so she was a little scared.  But I know she will do great!
When she got home I asked her if she missed me.  She considered it for a while and said "no, not really".  But a little while later she crawled up in my lap and gave me a big hug.  It was an I-missed-you-but-I'll-never-say-it hug.  That's good enough.

I'm so proud of my three big kids!  It's going to be a great year!!!!