Friday, October 10, 2008

The Gruffalo

Didn't you know? There's no such thing as a Gruffalo!

We went to the Walton Arts center on Monday to see an adorable performance of The Gruffalo. For any of you not familiar with this book, it is a very popular children's book in the UK. I don't think it is as popular here, but it is really cute. The whole thing rhymes and tells the story of a mouse who took a stroll in the deep dark wood.

We took our three older kids and left Adeline at home. I felt kind of bad about that, but it was REALLY nice to get to sit through the ENTIRE show! All three kids kept saying they missed Adeline...they can't wait to see Adeline, etc. It was really cute to see how much they love their baby sister.

We couldn't take pictures during the show, so this is everybody waiting for the show to start.

And we went for ice cream afterwards (of course!)


It was a really fun family evening that the kids will be talking about for a long time.
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Familia Morales said...

What a fun thing to do with your family!