Monday, October 20, 2008

Silver Dollar City

We had such a great time at Silver Dollar City this weekend. We bought season passes because we weren't going on a family vacation this year (because the vacation $ went to mom and dad's cruise!!!). SDC is no Disney World, but I never could have guessed how much fun our family would have there! Disney is one week and it's over...we have been to SDC five times (and we'll go again at Christmas!).

It has really become a special place for us. It's just us, with no interruptions. We aren't rushed or stressed, we just make our way around the park hitting our favorites and trying a few new things along the way.

They have the BEST frozen lemonade. We all love it, especially Adeline who hogs it all!

This month they have it decorated for fall. I loved the decorations, so I made the kids pose for quite a few pictures!



Waiting for the boys...pretending to ride!

My boys rode the Powder Keg for the first time (that's a big roller coaster!) Abbott got off and said "Let's do it again!" Aiden got off and said "I'm never doing that again!" They are so different...and I love them both!


It kind of looks like she's poll dancing...

I took the girls on the butterfly ride. Adeline liked it at first...but quickly decided that it was way too high! In this picture you can see that she is trying to climb out of the bug and I am holding her down. I don't see big roller coasters in her future...


What a crew!

We will be getting season passes again next year, even if we do go on a vacation. It is a two hour drive to our favorite family togetherness time. You can't beat that! And as a bonus...Abbott is insisting on eating more vegetables so he will be tall enough to go on the Barn Swing next year...whatever works!
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Matt and Sharon said...

We're total die-hard SDC'ers too. We even bought the leather straps for our souvenir mugs. Yup, pretty nerdy.