Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anna the Adorable Dancer

A couple times a year Anna's dancing school allows the parents go inside the room to watch the class. This is much more fun than watching through the window! They do ballet, tap and tumbling, and it is adorable (and hilarious!).

On her dot and ready to go!


Here is a clip of ballet. The girl not doing anything is her friend Tia. Never a dull moment!

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Waiting for her turn to leap.

Headstand! Thanks Miss Megan!

Time for tap!

Anna takes her tapping very seriously!


Hooper Family said...

She's a natural! I love the blue tutu!!

Alicia R. said...

Ohh she's so cute, makes me want a little girl to take to dance, almost!

Darrell and Alissa said...

So cute- Carly loved watching her dance!