Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

Aaron took Anna on their first official daddy-daughter date. I just LOVE taking our kids on dates. It's our chance to spoil them one-on-one every once in a while.

Aaron took the spoiling thing very seriously with Anna. I'm a little concerned that this girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

They started off at Sephora. He took her there to get a makeover (HELLO...I'd like a makeover!) She LOVES being pampered, and apparently the ladies at Sephora did a great job of making her feel like a princess. Daddy painted her fingernails (A different color on each would never have allowed that).


She left with sparkly lip gloss and cotton candy perfume.

Next stop was Claire's for some clip-on earings (I really thought he got her ears peirced...that would NOT have gone over well). Aren't they cute? I was so proud of Aaron for taking pictures!

They hung out at Build-a-Bear for a while (and somehow he made it out of there without buying her anything!) And then picked out a yummy cookie (with sprinkles, of course!) and ate it by the fountain.

They had a wonderful date...and now I am expecting him to take ME on a date that fun!
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Scott and Nicole said...

What a fun day. Aaron looks really young in that picture!

Matt and Sharon said...

Anna looks all to natural in front of Sephora.
You can expect that to be a regular request for the next 15 years :) She is such a doll. It looks like she had a fabulous time with her daddy.

Darrell and Alissa said...

What a fun day for her- and Aaron! What a good Daddy to remember the pictures!!