Sunday, November 16, 2008

My first 5K

I like to run. That is something that I NEVER would have thought I would say! Six weeks ago I decided (along with a few wonderful friends)that I would run my first 5K. We kept each other motivated, and had a lot of fun working up to 3miles.

We ran the Healthy Living 5K at the Pea Ridge National Military Park. Here is a picture of the soldiers. They started the race by firing a canon! It was really loud!

Here is a before picture. It was SO COLD out there...about 34 degrees.

And we're off...

The race was great. My biggest problem was a little yapping dog that was at my heels. I was so annoyed that this lady let her dog go so far out in front of her that his nose kept touching my heels. I tried to cross to the other side, but she let him follow me! That made it hard to stay in my zone, but eventually I was able to leave her in my dust :)

Here is my wonderful family that met me at the finish line...even though they were freezing!


We did it!

Me, Kjerstin, Nicole, Stacie and Diane...Linsey was so fast, she got away!

My goal for the race was to run the whole walking. And I did it! That made me feel great. So even though I may never be a fast runner...I'm a runner.


coolcam said...

I'm not fast either, but I do like running. However, since my marathon last year, I have not done it very much :). Good job to you! 5k's are the hardest race for me, you should try a half-marathon, they're the best!