Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anna's 5th Birthday: Puking and Pedicures

Anna's 5th birthday started out a bit rough...mainly because she was throwing up every 5 minutes! I felt so bad for her. We weren't able to have her friends over, I didn't make her birthday dinner (since she wouldn't be able to eat it), and she had to miss preschool the next day (as a precaution, she was actually feeling better) so she wasn't able to hand out her birthday treats.

The good news was that this lovely little girl was all better by Friday night and ready to party with her best buds.

We had a pajama party (not a sleepover...a 6-9 party where they wore their pajamas). I had a blast! I love my boys, but girls are so much fun!!!

We had a chocolate fountain. The girls thought this was great. It was all for them and they could dip whatever they wanted and make a huge mess! My apologies to all of the moms that had to clean the chocolate out of the pajamas!

We also did some pampering.

We soaked our feet

and our hands

Then painted our fingers and toes with brightly colored polish

Then we danced and danced and danced! Their favorite was the "Ice Cream Freeze" by Hannah Montana (or Miley Cyrus...who can keep track?) Here is a little clip:

These girls could really get down!

After pigging out on the chocolate fountain, the girls weren't really into the cupcakes, but Anna enjoyed her "Happy Birthday" song.

Carly wanted to take a picture with hers. That girl really cracks me up! Notice the fingernails! She wanted a red/pink alternating pattern.

Anna had so much fun. Her party made up for the yucky birthday. She was a happy little princess!

The five things I love most about Anna:

1. She is so great about sharing. She will give everything she has to her brothers and sister.
2. She takes stubbornness to a whole new level. I used to look at this as a I am learning to see that she is just learning to stand up for what she believes in.
3. She is so girly! She is dedicated to learning how to match shoes and bows to her outfits. She loves makeup, purses, and anything fancy and girly!
4. She is so loving. She isn't overly touchy-feely, but you know that Anna loves you. She is great about complimenting people (especially mom!) and telling us that she loves us.
5. She is so smart and talented. Anna can do anything that she puts her mind to. I know she is going to be incredibly successful because of her drive. Right now her passions include
drawing and gymnastics.


Chelsie said...

So cute. None
of that EVER happens at my house!!!

Darrell and Alissa said...

Carly is still talking about how much fun she had! Um, is that MY daughter jumping off your couch in the video?! Oh the shame! My favorite is the video clip- they look adorable! Happy 5th birthday Anna!

karis stapley said...

What fun! Yea, I'm still crossing my fingers for a girl sometime in the future. Yes, I love my boys dearly, but I came from a house of 4 girls & loved my sisters.
Loved your presentation at the RS Enrichment last week, fantastic job!