Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Patterson family had a great Valentine's day!

The boys made treat boxes for their parties at school.

Here is Aiden's

Abbott's class had a "contest" so we went for something a little different. His cute Mr. Potato Head ended up winning! (and we are very sorry that it beat out the Graham's Spongebob Square Pants!)

Dropping a load at Build A Bear is our Valentine's tradition. I'm so glad my boys were still excited about it this year. I know that will eventually come to an end, but this year it was still fun for everyone.

Abbott's Darth Vader Monkey

Anna's Black puppy in a fancy red dress (with purse)

Aiden didn't get an animal...he opted to get extra clothes for the bear he already has. Here he is decked out. He's wearing his Percy Jackson shirt because we went to the movie before heading to BAB. It was great...I could pick apart a few things I didn't like...but no movie is ever as good as the book, right?

Adeline's naked bunny. She refused to let us put any clothes on her. I eventually gave up fighting her and decided to be happy about saving a few bucks!

My beautiful little Valentine's angels after church today. I love mixing pink and red on Valentine's Day. There is something that just feels so wrong about the mix every other day of the year, but on February's perfect!

They wanted to pose again with their new friends (and when I say "they" I really mean Anna. That girl is quite the little model!)

And just so the pictures above don't make you think that the Patterson home is all Valentine bliss, here is Adeline shoving Anna out of the picture. We sure love that spunky little girl.


Jen said...

I am with you on pink and red seeming awful on all days but today!! Your girls are so adorable and getting so big!!

David and Cori said...

Awwww...his Mr Potato Head creation was awesome!! Congrats on the big win.