Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July

Our 4th of July was perfect. Just the right mix of food, family, fun, and relaxation. On Thursday evening our subdivision had a party with fireworks and lots of fun stuff for the kids. I am the newest member of the Wildwood POA Board (oh, I'm so important!) and this was my first event to help out with. I am going to use this as my excuse for forgetting my camera! (Alissa...if you read this...send me some pictures from that night! It was a huge success and I met lots of new people. I have to admit though, I spent most of the evening in my comfort time I will get out there more :)

Friday we planned to have a garage sale (for the second weekend in a row) but it was rained out. Bummer, but at least we got to sleep in.

There was a big party at the church that evening. The kids got to decorate their bikes and put on a little parade.




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After the parade we headed to the community fireworks. It was an amazing show! The kids had a blast in the muddy field. Anna did not like the loud fireworks and kept her fingers in her ears the whole time!




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The next day we went to pick blueberries! This is one of our FAVORITE things to do. The kids did great. I was especially impressed with Anna's dedication. She was so careful and such a trooper! I think we ate as many blueberries as we put in the buckets.




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Scott and Nicole said...

Good for you for joining the blogging world. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

Darrell and Alissa said...

So glad you found a cute background!! Just to warn you about pyzam- if you change your background, all your sidebar things will have to be retyped- SO HAVE THEM WRITTEN DOWN SOMEWHERE! I about cried the first time I changed it and had to hunt down all my friends blog pages- no fun! We do have pictures from the 4th- I'll send them to you!

Scott and Nicole said...

I could see all your pictures this time, so reposting them worked! I love the last one of Anna. So cute!!

Hooper Family said...

I love the blog Aubrey! It really turned out cute!!