Friday, July 11, 2008

Wobbly Baby Steps

Adeline is now officially a walker. I have now watched four babies learn to walk and it still amazes me! I love her wobbly steps and her determination as she gets back up each time she falls on her diaper padded behind. She sees the world in a whole new way...and she loves it! I am thrilled to watch her master this new skill, but at the same time, it gives her an independence that I'm not sure I like. She's going to stay a baby forever, right? This video was taken a week ago

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This one was taken yersterday...she's come so far...she's even evading her sister...important skill in this house!

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Now she has moved on to carrying her belongings around the house. She got this doll and bear for her birthday. She was determined to carry them both at the same time!
She left the bear behind...

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Then went back for him...
She did it!


Darrell and Alissa said...

So sweet, but so sad how quick they grow up!!