Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eventful Roadtrip

Tuesday morning we headed to Branson. We purchased season tickets to Silver Dollar City, and we have had a blast getting our money’s worth out of them! (For those who aren’t local, this is an amusement park. It is sort of similar to Knott’s Berry Farm).

We decided to take the REALLY long way to Branson. We decided to visit Aaron’s grandma “on the way” and turned a two hour drive into a five hour drive. It was worth it though. She was so happy to see the kids.

Here is Grandma Patterson

Usually, the “eventful” part about a trip to Branson is kids throwing up on the winding roads. Not this trip. Everyone had been given the appropriate Dramamine doses. The “eventful” part of this trip was that we arrived at grandma’s house 3 ½ hours late and driving this:

Most of you probably know that we have two minivans…but neither of them is red!

We were driving down the interstate minding our own business, when we come across a piece of metal in the road. No biggie…we can straddle it. But we hear a REALLY LOUD noise and brace for a blown tire. But the tires are fine. Aren’t we lucky. But we start to smell something…is that gas? Better pull over.

We get out at a gas station, look under the van, and we are gushing fluid. Did I mention that it is $3.65 per gallon fluid? Oh yes, we are steadily leaking gasoline!

I yank the kids out of the van and send Aaron- alone- to a “service station”. The only problem is that we are in podunk Arkansas. The good ole’ boy at the shop says he can’t fix it and we need to get to the dealership a few miles down I-40.

What do you think I said when Aaron told me that I had to load my four children back into a vehicle leaking gasoline? No way!

This is the only part of the story that is good. We decide to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help us get to the car place safely. And since I am here typing, you know that the van didn’t blow up. So…this gave us lots of opportunities to talk about how blessed we are that Heavenly Father kept us safe (and helped us get to Silver Dollar City!). I only wish that we had prayed to help mommy stay sane for the two hours she was locked in a tiny waiting room with four children, no toys, and limited snacks. For some reason Aaron stayed out in the service area the whole time…hmmm.

The van needs a whole new gas tank. What are the chances that they would have the part in stock? Umm…NONE! So our van is three hours away and the part won’t be in until Friday. Wonderful. Bye-bye Borders Breaking Dawn release party…

We were really lucky to get a rental vehicle and we were able to finish our little vacation. We arrived at our hotel at 11PM (a little late for the 8PM Bart Rocket magic show that we had free tickets to) but we were safe and the kids love the bright red van. It’s a Dodge Grand Caravan…really nice, but horrible on gas! Both of our vans do way better. But the fact that it is not LEAKING gas makes it a clear winner.

Despite the inconveniences, it could have been WAY worse. So I am counting my blessings. Here are my four little blessings having a blast at Silver Dollar City.




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Familia Morales said...

Wow Aubrey, what a trip! I think I would have taken the puking kids over the car trouble. Sorry that happened. Call me if you want a ride to Borders tomorrow night.

Scott and Nicole said...

That is so crazy!!! Glad you made it and still enjoyed your vacation.