Friday, July 25, 2008

Crack Addict

Well, I'm not exactly a crack addict...but that's what my husband keeps calling me.

I have been moody, compulsive, irrational, depressed, and obsessive. I may not be addicted to cocaine, but I am addicted to something else.

Internet access.

Wednesday afternoon I got on the computer and found a BLINKING RED DSL LIGHT on my modem. Panic. Shut everything down, wait 15 seconds, restart. Darn. Check all cables. Darn. Place frantic call to at&t.

I have called at&t nine times in the past 3 days. They can't get anyone out to check my line until WEDNESDAY!

So I am cut off from all communication, banking, shopping, bill lifeline!

So you may be asking yourself "how are you posting this blog?"

Well, you see, an addict will do whatever it takes to get her fix!

I contemplated my options.

1. The library- not the best option with four kids
2. Using a neighbor's wireless connection- all of my stinkin' neighbors have their networks locked- yes, I really tried it!
3. Begging a friend to take pity on me and let me come over to use the computer.

Then this morning it hit me. When we signed up for DSL (like 5 years ago) they told us we could access our internet from anywhere using dialup. I have never had a need to use this because I make sure we have an internet connection anywhere we go!

So I call at&t (this is call #9) and ask for information. After a 20 minute call to some guy in India, I heard the most amazing thing.

The screeching and squealing of my computer dialing up to the world wide web! I can't explain my euphoria. I hadn't heard this sound in 10 years, but now it was about to reconnect me with my beloved email account. It's slow, but I'll take least until Wednesday.

I immediately called Aaron at work to tell him the news. He said he didn't even know that existed. Hey, a junkie will get pretty creative if she has to!

So, if you call my house you will probably get a busy signal. Try my cell phone :)

No pictures today...I am definitely not patient enough to attempt uploading pictures on a dial up connection!


Leiann said...

I have to admit that i was laughing out loud while reading this Only because I could see myself and epecially James doing the exact same thing. Good luck with the wait