Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cleaning the toilet is fun!

I recently read the book "The Parenting Breakthrough" by Merrilee Boyack. It is FANTASTIC! It's all about raising your kids to be responsible, independent adults by the time they leave your house. This means teaching them things like cooking, cleaning, finances...everything!

Two weeks ago we began our "training". I tried to make it fun by putting chores in balloons, and they had to do what they popped. They keep the same chores for a whole month.

Aiden put on my hot pink gloves and made the bathroom shine!


Isn't he cute? He did a great job, and exclaimed "cleaning the bathroom is fun!" I was in shock! I was trying to be a slave driver! It's only been two weeks, so I'm sure some of the novelty will wear off, but it is wonderful to see him working so hard.

Abbott, on the other hand, is less excited.


He was pumped when we gave him the allowance, but when it came to the chore part, he wasn't too interested.


Anna had fun playing with the duster. I am trying to be creative with chores for her to do. This week she wiped off all the doorknobs in the house.

I am really excited! Let's hope we can keep it going...
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Scott and Nicole said...

Love the pictures, especially Abbott's. :) Good luck keeping it up. And remember what Merilee says, "if they're not whining and complaining (at some point), they're not normal." {laugh}

draperg said...

Keep up the good work. I thank my parents for teaching me how to work.

Darrell and Alissa said...

Abbott's face is perfect!! When the novelty wears off it's not going to be so fun- but in 10 years our kids will be thanking us for what we taught them- well I hope!!