Friday, August 29, 2008



I have hope. Sarah Palin has given it to me. I seriously watched her speech with tears in my eyes (I also cry at the Liberty Mutual commercials).

This really isn't a political's more of a look-how-cute-my-kids-are blog, but I am so excited that this wonderful woman is a vice presidentail candidate! I'm afraid you will probably see more of my political thoughts on here more often in the coming months.

Last night, Abbott saw Obama on TV and said "mom, is that the guy that wants to take away our freedoms?" Why yes it is! So I guess it's safe to say my family has been getting an earful of my opinions!

So, I am not John McCain's biggest fan. This election has been a bit depressing for me. I know that McCain is the closest to my beliefs, but I just wasn't feeling the love.

Enter Sarah Palin. Now I am feeling the love! I heard her name tossed around a month or so ago. I found out a little about her, and began hoping she would get chosen. Yippee! I finally got something I wanted.

A few reasons why she is so great:

1. She is pro-life. She recently had a baby boy born with down syndrome. She knew that he had it before he was born. She says that she is grateful for the blessings this special child has brought into her life.
2. She called the global warming theory "unreliable", and asserted that human activity has not caused Arctic ice to melt.
3. She married her high school sweetheart, and they have been married 20 years.
4. She has 5 kids, and she loves being a mom!
5. She went from the PTA to city council to mayor to governor to vice president. She wanted to actually change things (not the Obama kind of change...good change!) and she did! She ran for office to make a difference.
6. Her oldest son, 19-year-old Track, enlisted in the Army a year ago, and will be deployed to Iraq next month.
She visited the Alaskan National Guard in Iraq and Kuwait last summer.
7. She is religious.
8. She fishes and hunts...that's just cool!
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Scott and Nicole said...

I think she seems like a great candidte... and I like reading your political posts, so keep it up! :)