Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Princess and the Preschool


Today was the day that Anna has been looking forward to for six months. The first day of preschool. For the rest of the year, my Anna will spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Miss Pam. I spent all day yesterday trying to convince her that she was going to miss me. I really am glad that she is so excited to go, but shouldn't she miss me a little? Nope, not this preschooler.

When Abbott started preschool, I don't think I even took pictures (Aiden did a "home group" preschool, so no pictures there either). But with Anna, it was a huge production!

For the first day, we (well, I) had picked out an adorable dress with apples on it and red patent leather mary janes. We tried it on last night, and it was too big! So after digging through everything she has, we decided on the skirt you see in the pictures. This sure is a lot more complicated with girls!

This morning she woke up with a huge smile on her face...it's her special day! She got dressed, and wore her backpack around for the next hour. (You can't really see the backpack in the pictures...it has a stuffed cat on it...really adorable)

I spent 15 minutes making the most perfect pigtails that I have ever done, spraying the wispies into place, and meticulously clipping in the bows.

Then, I ran to brush my teeth and put my shoes on. When I came back, I found Anna soaking wet with pigtails that looked like she had slept in them!

"What did you do?!?" I asked, ok demanded, a little too harshly. She had decided to improve her hairdo with some water...just like her brothers do when they get ready for school.

So I had mommy guilt for scolding her.

In the pictures you can see that her shirt is wet and her pigtails are a hurried redo. Fortunately, she is still absolutely adorable.


I was wondering if Adeline would miss her sis, but I really don't think she will even notice she is gone two mornings a week.


It wasn't a big surprise to hear that she loved it. Her teacher said that she was perfectly behaved and very smart. I wish she were perfectly behaved for me!

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Familia Morales said...

How exciting! I love her skirt! And her pigtails look great. I'm glad she liked preschool so much.

Hooper Family said...

She looks so excited - and very cute. Noah is looking forward to his big day next week.

Greg and Amy said...

She is so adorable! Bryn got a new skirt the other day, she wanted it because it looked like an "Anna Skirt".

Rachel Benefield said...

How exciting!!!! I love that skirt!!

Scott and Nicole said...

She looks excited alright!! I love the skirt and the picture of the 2 girls together. Luke will sure miss her at the gym.