Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommy Olympics

We have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this past week.

Last night we were in the living room watching the Olympics. Adeline was clawing my face, so I decided to clip her fingernails. You have to know something about our sweet little Adeline.


She HATES getting her nails cut. Saying she hates it really doesn't cover it. She hates it like the rest of us would hate having our hand dipped in boiling oil.

So I get set up. Clippers, treats, toys, daddy. As soon as I whip out the clippers, she twists herself into a pretzel, screams at the top of her lungs, and tries desperately to free her hand from the woman lopping off her fingertips. I use my whole body to try to keep her still while Aaron tries goofy faces and toys to distract her. By the tiime I get to the 10th finger, my hands are sore and I am out of breath.

She calmed right down as soon as the torture was over, and Aaron said "they should make THAT an Olympic sport!".

That really got me thinking. OK, maybe I'm not a gymnast or a swimmer, but I have lots of mommy talents! I'd like to see Michael Phelps clip the fingernails of a squirming, screaming baby without drawing blood!

Here are a few more of my ideas for the Mommy Olympics:

1. Breastfeeding while vacuuming
2. Cooking dinner, talking on the phone, and helping kids with homework at the same time...all while holding a baby. Let's call that the triathalon.
3. Speed diaper changing
4. Toddler hair styling (Amy and Alissa can fight for the gold)
5. Grocery shopping with four kids
6. Middle of the night vomit cleaning

I'd love to hear your ideas for additional events for the Mommy Olympics!
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Familia Morales said...

How about bathing 2 squirmy kids who're trying to get OUT of the tub without drowning either of them?

Or the 7AM rush to get all kids out the door fed, dressed and ready for school? (I wouldn't be in that race)

Good job on cutting the nails-I hope she never gets a splinter in her hand...wonder what she'd do then?

Hooper Family said...

I feel like I'm am competing in some type of Olympics everyday, but never winning any of the events!