Monday, August 11, 2008

Pillow Problems

This spring I splurged on some new pillows from Pier 1 for my living room. I fell in love with them, and they "refreshed" the room without a major overhaul. Here is my couch with my pretty pillows.


I really, really liked these pillows. That is, until the last day of school. I was horrified to see that the school had also done some "refreshing".

I snapped this picture on the last day of school (I had the kids get in the picture so I didn't look like a crazy lady taking pictures of the waiting area).


So...I apparently have the same decorating scheme as an elementary school! I was reminded of this not-so-happy fact when school started back up and the offending pillows were still there.

I, of course, decided to get new pillows. The problem is that I really, really like these pillows and they were pretty expensive (for pillows).

So I came up with three options:

1) Pay some 4th grader to "accidentally" destroy the pillows at the school
2) Sadly sell mine on ebay
3) Hunt down some "fall" pillows, pull these back out in the spring, and hope the elementary school will have moved on by then.

Know any fourth graders that need some extra cash?
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Darrell and Alissa said...

That's too funny! Although I never would have noticed- the pillows look much better in your house then the school- too fancy for school!

Scott and Nicole said...

How funny! I have to say I'd never noticed. Ditto to what Alissa said: they look much better in your house. I wouldn't worry about it, or go for option 3. :)

jaci said...

aubrey, i LOVE those pillows you have, too. my question is...what school has the budget for pier 1 pillows? what happened to school supplies for the kids? haha. well, if you want to do a 'pillow trade' for a while, I am in!