Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Don't spoilers here!

Last Friday I was able to go to the Breaking Dawn release party. We had to go pick up our van three hours away (see "eventful roadtrip") and I was bummed to miss the party at Borders. It worked out great, because I was able to go to the party at Hastings in Russellville with my sister Lindsey (who is a big fan) and my mom (who is a so-so fan). Here we are getting ready to go. My sister and I were giddy like a couple of little kids! We even made matching shirts! (actually...coordinating)


Here we are at the bookstore

There was a trivia game over the first three books. I showed off my dorkiness, and won lots of prizes. Here is my loot!

Isn't the bag great? I was so excited! The best part is that I talked the lady at the bookstore into giving me a copy of the trivia questions. Breaking Dawn is our September book for book group, and I want to have a trivia contest using my excess stickers and buttons as prizes!

I loved the book and I am actually sad that it's over :( Time to move on to the movie...December seems so far away!
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