Thursday, August 21, 2008

Patterson Family Mottos

In my last post I mentioned that I read "The Parenting Breakthrough". The main focus of the book is teaching kids to be independent and responsible. It also talks about several ways to strengthen your family and use family life to teach your children.

One thing specifically mentioned is developing family mottos. I thought this was a great idea, and when I presented it to Aaron and the kids, they thought it was a great idea too!

We brainstormed together and came up with five Patterson Family Mottos. I typed it up and hung it on the fridge. (Notice the is the "Twilight" font...I downloaded it and have been using it for everything lately...yes, I know I'm a dork!)


I have to say, this has been WONDERFUL! We have had the mottos in place for a week and a half, and we use them constantly! I think I say "Pattersons are nice" 20 times a day. The crazy thing actually works! I just say "Pattersons don't whine", and the whining (usually) stops. The kids even say them. The other day Abbott was being a bad loser playing a game and Anna said "Pattersons have fun!" It was really cute, but I think Abbott wanted to hit her.
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Darrell and Alissa said...

That's too funny about Anna and Abbott! We haven't done the motto's yet- we keep saying we are but don't do it! I'm glad to hear they are working for you- it makes me really want to sit down and do it.

De Anne said...

I love that idea. We might steal it for our family.

jaci said...

hey fam!! I love this post...zach and i just laughed at are so creative and such a GREAT mom! (zach said, "wow..that's such a smart idea") We love you guys and LOVE that you have a blog. it makes us feel a little closer. can you be my coach when I am a mom?? you amaze me.

Scott and Nicole said...

The mottos are great! I think I refer to ours at least once a day still -- and we did ours probably 4 months ago!